“Connecting a network for organic agriculture”

What is FarmO?
The name FarmO comes from the words Farm and Organic. This initiative aims to match, connect, and create a network and space for buyers and producers engaged in “organic / eco-friendly”agriculture.
Agriculture that focuses on reducing the adverse impacts of chemical and industrial farming on the environment.

Why join FarmO?

Go Direct!
FarmO provides a platform for producers (looking for buyers) and buyers (looking for suppliers) to meet and deal directly with their immediate counterparts.
Over 600 registered users!
We have over 600 (and growing) registered producers and buyers. Search for partners from the growing list of registered users. Benefit from the exchange of information (i.e. farming techniques, logistics solutions/recommendations) via the bulletin board. You will find convenient services for example, the delivery and payment system.
Registration is free!
Take advantage while registration is free! There is also currently no annual fee to maintain your account.
*Fees may be added to provide more features and services in the future.

What can you do with FarmO?

“Register and choose!”

Once registered, users may start searching for a partner producer or buyer. Find the right match by refining your search. Simply filter according to area, produce, or keyword.

・420+ Registered Producers
・220+ Registered Buyers
Currently more than 600 registered users
(as ofApril 2019)

Say “Hi!”

Send your chosen partner a message in an instant! The ordering system allows producers to register the products which are available and buyers to select them from the products' list.

▼For example, these vegetables are registered.
You can find some rare vegetables that are not supplied in the market.
This is one of the merits of using this service.

  • Coriander

  • Uzumaki Beats

  • Corinky

  • Colorful Carrot

Learn and share!

FarmO doesn’t only connect buyers and producers but also enables users to share information with each other!
Ask questions such as, “How do you grow this vegetable?” or “How do you prevent or deal with insects that damage your produce?” or share your own knowledge by answering the questions posted by other users.

Ordering system

Managing and maintaining multiple products can already be a very tedious process, much more to update and interact with potential buyers.

Using FarmO’s ordering system,
information regarding order receipts, invoices, and shipping are easily created and kept, making data easily accessible for sales invoicing, management, and analysis.
Giving users more time to focus on the actual business operations and less time and headache attending to accounting and paperwork.

Registering and receiving orders is a breeze! Just register and publish your available produce and when they’re going to be available, a notification will be sent to you as soon as an order comes in. Simply arrange the details of your transaction i.e delivery and payment, with your buyer and you’re good to go!

Features in the pipeline

Production / Purchase Plan
Since FarmO provides buyers and producers a direct line with each other, users can further explore medium to long term transactions.
With enough transactions and experience working with each other, producers may better decide which buyer to sell his or her produce to, while buyers may arrange to buy produce in advance from stable and reliable producers.
Payment Gateways
Finding a suitable, safe, and mutually beneficial billing and collection scheme between new partners usually tend to take some time and effort. FarmO intends to solve these problems by providing safe and easy solutions to both producers and buyers in the future.
Logistics Service
FarmO aims to provide a platform that enables different buyers and producers to share information and solution regarding logistics i.e. shared delivery service (among producers from the same area), or shared logistics service (for buyers located in the same area).
Optimizing the logistics solution for its users develops more sustainable and eco-friendly (by reducing the carbon footprint) transactions for everyone.


FarmO is currently being operated and maintained by a team of volunteers that wants to promote organic and eco-friendly agriculture. The kind of agriculture that can produce food for the next generation. The team aims to make the platform sustainable but is focused primarily on creating a useful and productive platform for its users.

Ideal support system for local economy groups

Case in point:

Kyoto Organic Action (KOA) Council was established in 2018 between farmers, distributors, and vegetable vendors within the Kyoto Area. It aimed to closely link the lives of the people with the community’s food and agriculture system, by establishing a local, sustainable, and community-supported agriculture (CSA) network. As of May 2019 KOA has about 17 farms and 10 stores participating in the council.

KOA was founded in an effort to lower the transaction costs that both producers and buyers incur when they make separate individual transactions. It does so by streamlining the collection and distribution of its organically grown produce by setting up pick-up points to make the collection of produce more efficient and by providing a shared delivery service (KOA Line) that runs twice a week, to and from the buyers (stores) and producers (pick-up points). It also holds technical workshops for its farmers to enhance the overall production and business management capabilities of its members. FarmO is then able to lend support and enhance the communication and cooperation between members by providing.

1.) A consolidation platform where KOA’s members can upload and coordinate their production plans,
2.) a platform for producers to upload their harvest plans which then go onto the system; it also serves as an ordering platform for buyers to order and coordinate the details of their transactions on,
3.) a direct-communication platform between buyers and producers and where producers may coordinate with their fellow producers and share knowledge and information about agriculture.

Through the collective effort and initiative of its directors, members, and supporters KOA is able to create a sustainable local economy between its producers and buyers, this is the kind of environment where support services such as FarmO can thrive best. Although FarmO can provide its users with short-term benefits from the simple day-to-day transactions, it is farmO’s vision to expand the organic market by giving its users an avenue (IT system) to have more direct, stable and long-term relationships between its producers and buyers.

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